Get Kraken! The NHL to Seattle is delaying again the publication of the name of his team


Fans of the franchise expansion of the national hockey League’s Seattle will have to wait a bit to know the name of their future team.

Previously, we had heard that the name would be published in the summer of 2019, and then it was in November or December, the last that we had heard that this would be the spring of 2020 ?. Welp, that has now been postponed to the autumn, probably in October 2020. Not that there is precipitation here, the team should not start playing before the season 2021-22, which will begin, hopefully, in October 2021 .

In an interview with the Seattle Times on Tuesday, the CEO of the NHL to Seattle, Todd Leiweke, said that they had decided to postpone the announcement due to a combination of problems of mark and that this was simply not the right time at the moment (it is difficult enough to challenge this. a).

“This is not the right time,” said Leiweke in the Times article, ” Vegas has done it for a year. We have a lot of time, and the thing that this organization will never be is dull, ” said in regards to the situation current pandemic, as well as protests against racial injustice. “We need to choose the right time and we need to ensure that all our ducks are lined up. “

As for the brands, they approach it very carefully, in the hope of avoiding “any kind of challenge,” adding that they “have already had to make several marks.”

The article also stressed that “every name of the thousand suggested by fans over the past two years had been a sort of trademark issue that had to be resolved”. The problems of trade-marks relating to the names of the teams of extension are something that the NHL knows all too well, and I am more certain that the league and the team will do whatever it takes to avoid another incident of the Golden Knights.

As for the name, a report January suggested that the team chose to use the name Seattle Kraken.

From what I’ve heard, it seems that Seattle Kraken will be the name” [reporter John] Hoven said on the show. “What is quite surprising, in fact, when I received this information a few days ago. I was a bit shocked personally, just because we had said many times before that this was not the name they were looking for. “

A kraken is a giant sea monster, resembling a squid in the scandinavian folklore, which would be in the seas between Norway and Greenland. Legends dating back to the 13th century said that we could devour all of the crew of a ship in a single gulp.

A “kraken” doing what he does best

Kraken was one of the thirteen domain names registered by the ownership group there are more than two years, the other names considered at the time included the seals and the whales.

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