George Floyd’s protests spread across America


The city of Cleveland, Ohio, has extended its curfew for downtown and market districts until Tuesday evening, according to an update from Cleveland City Hall.

The curfew will now be active until 8 p.m. June 2.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on Sunday signed a civil emergency proclamation to extend the curfew, under which people can only travel for essentials, and businesses are urged to close.

The city also said that, while protests in the city center started peacefully on Saturday, 65 adults and a minor were arrested during the protests that night, and more arrests are expected.

Cleveland’s fire division responded to two structural fires, 10 vehicle fires (including four police cars) and 11 additional fires involving dumpsters, garbage cans, ticket offices and other items, the city said. .

Several first responders were injured and emergency medical services transported 20 people to hospitals in the area, said Cleveland City Hall.


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