Geoffrey Berman resigns abruptly: a powerful u.s. attorney in New York city has investigated, associated with Trump


The attorney general William Barr said in a press release that the president, Donald Trump had the intention to appoint Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, to replace it.

The sudden release of Berman is likely to attract the attention inside the office of the u.s. attorney and among the prosecutors career.

Barr was in New York on Friday, according to the ministry of Justice. It is not clear whether he met Berman, and the department of Justice has refused to say if Berman had been asked to resign.

The tensions between the offices of the New York and Washington have intensified, Berman and Barr is hitting the head of certain records, including the indictment of the Turkish bank Halkbank.

Last fall, officials of the ministry of Justice have discussed the replacement of Berman by Ed O’callaghan, a senior official, but prosecutors have subsequently charged the associates of Rudy Guiliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, a decision that seemed to extend the mandate of Berman.Berman is the u.s. attorney in Manhattan for 2018. Under his leadership, the office has sued the former counsel to Trump, Michael Cohen, and investigation on Giuliani.

The replacement of Berman, Clayton, has never been a prosecutor. Before being appointed to the position of the SEC by Trump, he was a corporate lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell. If it was confirmed, Clayton would be the first non-attorney to lead SDNY.

Barr said that Trump had named Craig Carpenito, currently the U.s. attorney for the district of New Jersey, to the post of u.s. attorney acting for the southern district of New York until Clayton is confirmed. Carpentio will start the role on 3 July.

This story is breaking and will be updated.


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