Gemma Collins looks unrecognizable in a “very thin” return image as she reveals that the battle against PCOS made her gain weight – The Sun


GEMMA Collins revealed her fight against polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when she posted an unrecognizable return shot.

The 39-year-old said the condition caused her to gain weight when she shared a “very thin” photo of herself in her twenties.


Gemma Collins shared this photo of herself as a young woman in her 20s

Gemma Collins said, “As you can see guys when I was in my twenties, I was very thin, then I was told I had PCOS and it’s been a struggle since, however I am enjoying of myself and I stay positive because that is what is in your heart matters the most sending love to all people suffering from PCOS it is not easy and always be nice people people are not still overweight because of all the typical stereo bullying comments !!!

“I CHOOSED TO GO ABOVE and I continued to promote self-confidence even when I had my own personal difficulties and the secret of my success was only ME!

“A lot of people bullied me and made fun of me at the start of the industry. You are too fat to promote my brand !!! It’s endless !!!

“Cough, cough … where are you now?” OERE AM I, GO UP. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. My heart has always been the same, no matter how small. “

Gemma Collins, 39, showed incredible weight loss after receiving injectionsCredit:

What is polycystic ovary syndrome?

POLYCYSTIC ovarian syndrome affects one in five women and has an impact on the functioning of the ovaries.

Symptoms often start in the early 20s or late teens, and one of the symptoms is weight gain, according to the NHS.

Victims may have trouble releasing a fertilized egg, which often makes it extremely difficult to get pregnant.

For many, the only clue to PCOS is irregular periods, while in the most severe cases, the hair can become embarrassed on the face, chest, back and buttocks.

Having polycystic ovaries also increases a woman’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and sleep apnea later in life, the NHS warned.

Earlier in the day, Gemma talked about her shrinking frame, she told fans that her “secret” for losing three stones was due to her weight loss injections.

In June, The Sun Online revealed exclusively that the GC was on a new weight loss plan SkinnyJab, which are injections that act as appetite suppressants.

Despite the temptation to give up on her diet and slow down the exercise, Gemma continued to lose weight – and the fans desperately wanted to know how.

“Many of you have asked me what I look like so well,” said Gemma today.

“I have to say how amazing the Skinny Jab team was during the lockdown.

 Gemma Collins receives weight loss shots to help reduce3
Gemma Collins receives weight loss shots to help reduceCredit: Instagram

“I think it is safe to say that we have all had these days in the past month when we have felt very weak with no motivation to do anything.

“But staying the course on my weight loss and staying motivated has never been easier with a skinny jab on board.

“Honestly, Caroline and her team were the best support! Not only did they keep my stock of jabs up to date, but they also provided me with meal plans and weekly progress checks.

“Please check their page if you are looking for a real weight loss solution! @Skinnyjab. #Ad I’ve always been confident in my body, no matter how small. ”

The official SkinnyJab website states that the injection “removes hunger from the equation”.


Jabs act as an appetite suppressant, reducing hunger and cravings to ensure that users eat less.

SkinnyJab reports that it takes three days for clients to experience hunger loss while on the plan, with a three-week plan costing £ 250, and repeating the pens for £ 135 after that.

Fasting diets can usually be dangerous because your body goes into ketoacidosis or “starvation mode” when cells are unable to get enough glucose (sugar) for energy.

However, SkinnyJab reassures users that the appetite suppressant used in their plan regulates glucose, allowing the body to use stored fat for energy.

The website says, “This means that you can safely eat small portions without feeling the side effects of starvation mode. ”

The company also insists that side effects are limited, with mild nausea affecting less than 1% of their patients.

There is also a medical team available, all clients undergoing a full medical examination before receiving the jabs.

He brags that the plan is suitable for anyone between the ages of 18 and 76 and that the first program lasts three weeks and costs £ 250.

Repeated hits cost £ 135 per pop and last two to four weeks.

SkinnyJab was founded in February 2017 and the website states that all customers must undergo a full medical examination and “full medical consultation” before receiving the product.


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