Gary Neville had Alan Hansen moment, and Liverpool made Manchester United legend eat his words


Gary Neville should have known better.After having seen Manchester United demolished Chelsea 4-0 on the opening day of the season, he made an astonishing request, insisting on his former club win the league before Liverpool.

He could not imagine how quickly his words to unravel right before his eyes as the 2019/20 season unfolded.

“Really do not concern me, because it can be corrected by a little bit of money on the stage and the right decisions in the conference room and good decisions in the recruitment department,” he said, when asked about United’s downturn in fortunes since his own playing days.

“What I’m saying is, Liverpool, City, Tottenham, all these clubs have had bad recruitment policies over the last 25 or 30 years old at the time.

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“So, United are going through one at the moment. They will eventually fall on the right system of recruitment, law recruitment people, they are going to get a great manager – I hope it is Ole – and they will start to win again. This is going to happen.

“I can guarantee you as clear as day, Manchester United will win again. They will probably win the league before Liverpool, in my opinion.

“They are more mature, they are closer than you think and it is not as bad as you think. It is always the way it is.

“And this is not a lack of respect, they will probably win the league before Liverpool.”

Fast forward seven months, and Jurgen Klopp Liverpool are First in the champions League. Meanwhile, Manchester United are down in the fifth and the track by an amazing 37 points.

Neville really should have known better. After all, to be written by a former captain of your fiercest rivals, and multiple title winner, despite finishing as finalists in the league the year before, is a feeling he knows oh too well.

After having started to establish himself in the Manchester United team during the season 1994/95 as they missed out on the league title to Blackburn Rovers, the former England international started the Red Devils’ opening day 3-1 loss to Aston Villa the following season.

Liverpool Premier League champions

On paper, the season 1995/96-opener could mean nothing to you. But Liverpool legend Alan Hansen’s post-match evaluation will certainly and the six words that still haunt him to this day.

You can’t win anything with kids.

“I think they have problems. I would not say that they have major problems,” the Scot said on Match of the Day. “Obviously, the three players have left, the trick is always buy when you’re strong, so he (Sir Alex Ferguson) needs to buy players.

“You can’t win anything with kids. You look at the line-up of Manchester United today and Aston Villa at quarter past two when they get the teamsheet, it’s just going to give them a lift.

“It’s going to happen every time he plays the kids. He has got to buy players, it’s as simple as that.

“The trick to win the championship of strength in depth. They simply have not received.”

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Manchester United went on to make Hansen eat his words, winning a league and cup double in 1996 with the Red Devils, the famous ” Class of ’92’ all to establish, as a key member of Ferguson’s team with Neville made 30 Premier League starts during the campaign.

25 years and Hansen has never been able to live his now-infamous quip.

Neville claim not to have its own place in the folklore, but the Reds fans will take great joy, the jubilation in the Manchester United legend of the misplaced faith in his former side.

“They’re probably going to win the league before Liverpool.”

Or not.

Liverpool have not won the Premier League this season, winning their next title before Manchester United to finally put an end to their 30-year wait to be crowned champions of england.

They have demolished.


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