Gareth Southgate discusses jadon Sancho transfer options in the middle of Man Utd interest


Gareth Southgate will put no pressure on Jadon Sancho to force through a return of 100 million euros to the Premier League.Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are all circling Borussia Dortmund brilliant 20-year-old winger to England – and the Bundesliga club cash out if the price is right.

But Southgate believes that playing for Dortmund in the Champions League was a huge factor in the development of Sancho since he left Manchester City there are nearly three years old.

And the patron saint of England insists on the fact that he will not give advice to Sancho on his next move if the player asks for his opinion.

Southgate said: “I think the key to Jadon is that it needs to play football – and the beauty of it being in Dortmund, is that he plays regularly in a team which should achieve a certain level.

Jadon Sancho in the face of an uncertain future at Borussia Dortmund

“Go on, it meant playing in front of 80,000 fans each week. The pressure of this – and the pressure of playing in the Champions League for a team that should be challenging Bayern Munich – is another bonus.

“has the Premier League would present a different challenge in that I think that the depth of the league here is a little more intense in terms of quality.

“ais regardless of the path that opens, I think it is good for England.

“There is not a disadvantage for us if he stays with Dortmund and if we see him in the Premier League so this brings opportunities to see it in a different environment.

“but the most important thing is that he continues to play regularly – and at his age, it is the key to learning and improving. “

The patron saint of England Gareth Southgate gives instructions to Sancho

Southgate added : “I am always available for players who want to talk about or get advice on all areas of their life.

“have I not pushing this in particular because I am aware that there is a lot of noise around the player.

“e do not think it is for me to tell him what to do. I think that players should take their own decisions and that this decision will not affect or will not affect my thoughts on it anyway.

Sancho has landed in trouble with Dortmund when he broke the protocols of self-isolation during the lockout to have his hair cut.

Last season, Southgate was frustrated that he went to Germany to watch the winger in action only to find Sancho had been dropped for disciplinary reasons.

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But the patron saint of England is not worried about the discipline of the player.

He said: “Jadon is still very young and not going to get all of the right decisions. There is a naivety of the youth in some of the things that happen.

“Ais is a journey that most, if not all, the players continue. There are very few young people 20 years old who are making the right decision every time.

“I think his development is going in a very good direction. It improves on the field and he becomes more responsible.

“the is still a little way to go with this, so we need to continue to raise the bar and challenge them in this field to ensure that he maximizes his talent. ”

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