Gail Porter emotionally dubs the end of the Prodigy star Keith Flint, the love of his life


Gail Porter, emotionally called late Prodigy star Keith Flint, the love of his life.The tv presenter, dated the rocker, who was tragically found dead in his home last year, between 1999 and 2000.

A year after his tragic death, on 4 March, 2019, Gail has opened up about the romance in a real conversation with Louis Theroux.

Speaking on his BBC Sounds of the podcast made the Earth, she says what happened to Keith, who died as a result of the hanging, is ” terrible.”

She said: “Keith was the love of my life, I loved him, I miss him. ”

She said that their relationship started when they went on a blind date.

Gail said to Keith was the love of his life

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“I was alone and we went and we did not stop laughing for the entire evening, and then nearly as a we, together, nearly two years,” she said to Louis.

“The good thing is, it doesn’t really talk about work, I don’t really talk about work, we would like to just go and do fun things. ”

She said the pair later went to the Maldives together when she had to go and stay there to work.

They dated from 1999 to 2000

“He was a little wobbly, but in the end, he was swimming all day, we were going to go to the gym and the two of us, our mental health was just fantastic,” she said.

“Of course, everyone will be very happy if you are in the Maldives, we have been so lucky, and then, when we returned, I said,” well, I’m going back to work and you go back to work “.

“He just didn’t get his mind back into things properly. And it was this way and I was like, we need to keep our minds positive and it doesn’t work that way.

Keith tragically passed away last year

“It was a negative point, I tried to work my best, so it was a shame. ”

She added that things between them “seemed to work “because” Keith has had his problems, as if I had my problems “.

“But I always thought it was going to be the time when we are going to have bad times at different times and it works this way, unfortunately,” she said.

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