Fusion DfID: experts warn against brain drain and damage to the global position of the United Kingdom | global Development


The aid experts have warned against the brain drain of senior officials of the Department for international development on its merger with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which could harm the international position of the United Kingdom.Downing Street is facing a rising anger from the staff of the DfID regarding the timing of the announcement of the merger last week and the manner in which it was performed. The merger has been a long trail, but it was announced without consultation with the union and with many employees discovering media.

Richard Moore, former deputy director of AusAid, a former aid agency of australia, has stated that 2,000 years of experience in the development had disappeared after the merger of the agency with the ministry of foreign Affairs and Trade in 2013. He predicted a loss of expertise similar in Great Britain, unless steps are taken. taken to retain staff.

“It will be very difficult to stop an exodus of talent, but the decisions that will be taken by the following will be critical to its scale,” said Moore. “Professionals will want to see international development as a goal of foreign policy, not only as a fig leaf to distribute money in the short term. They want their expertise to be recognised, valued and influential in decision-making. ”

In a review of the merger australian last year, Moore has found that the loss of development staff senior committed locally was “the greatest single impact on the quality of the management of development activities”. The new stand-alone ministry has lost its influence with key government partners and the main problems of international development. “Abandon the development does not work,” said Moore.


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