From the BBC, Nick Robinson wipes a smile from MPs’ job facing Corbyn to dig “Stop being nice!” FR | News


The Andrew Marr Show viewers watched as Shadow of Health Secretary Jon Ashworth lowered his face during BBC grill Nick Robinson. A new review, in which the Labor party lost the election concluded that it was a combination of having unpopular leader Jeremy Corbyn, a manifesto that many people considered a fantasy and a confused message on a brexit. Ashworth was confronted about his harsh words for his former boss secretly recording message belittling the group’s efforts during the election campaign.

In the leak of the call, he could be heard saying, “This is the combination of Corbyn and a brexit, it is catastrophic there.”They can’t stand Corbyn and they think the Job is blocked a brexit.” ”

Mr. Robinson asked if the MP was tempted to say “I told you so” in view of the staggered defeat of the injured party.

Ashworth tried to defend Corbyn, saying he was “proud.”

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He said, “Jeremy Corbyn gave me space to put together a Health Policy Job, which would have brought the waiting list into A&E, which would have brought cancer to the waiting list at the bottom, reportedly halted privatization and recruited more staff.

“I was proud to fight a general election on health policy. ”

However, Mr. Robinson snapped, “Now is not the time to be nice, Jon Ashworth. You had the worst defeat in the 1930s.

“It is time to be frank and brutal, if necessary, and to tell your party, I told you then, and I was right. It was Corbyn and a brexit. “

He continued: “But also that we did not believe that the program we were offered for the country was not considered credible.

“We have to accept that.

“But we also have to ask ourselves, as a party, why did the Tory Party increase their share of four online election votes now?”

“Why do more people vote Conservative and why did the people work at Tory?”

“We got to get people who used to vote for Work, but now vote Tory, to come back to us. This is our challenge. “


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