French police banned from using controversial strangles following protests over George Floyd’s death


French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner
Credit: Twitter

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has announced that police will no longer be able to detain suspected criminals in the chokeholds.

The use of chokeholds has been blamed for several cases of suffocation and has sparked renewed controversy after the death of the American George Floyd.

Castaner announced Monday that “the method of strangling the neck will be discontinued and will no longer be taught in police schools.”

French lawmakers have called for a ban on immobilization techniques. These practices involve pressuring the weak parts of suspects’ bodies with their knees to keep them from moving and are used in police training around the world.

The Minister of the Interior spoke as the French government was pressured to combat police violence and racism.

President Emmanuel Macron met with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and other officials this weekend, asking Castaner to “speed up” the actions to improve police ethics that had been promised at the start of year.


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