Frankie and Benny’s set to “permanently close” Hull’s two restaurants


Hull’s two popular restaurants, Frankie and Benny’s, “will close permanently,” according to staff at their St Andrew’s Quay site. Hull Live understands that an email was sent to workers at two city restaurants earlier this month explaining how the bosses “made the difficult decision” to shut down their West Hull site.

The staff member says she also discovered that “Kingswood is also closing permanently.”

Frankie and Benny’s say they cannot confirm the closure of specific sites despite the fact that its owner, The Restaurant Group, announced earlier this week that it will close 125 of its sites across the country.

The Hull staff member, who asked not to be named, said she never imagined that the two restaurants were in danger.

“We received a notification on Monday June 1 st informing us that we will receive the stores which will close on November 3, including Frankie and Benny and Chiquito,” she said.

“Since there were obviously two Frankies and Benny’s in Hull, we thought maybe only one of our stores would be closed permanently. But on Wednesday, June 3, we were informed that our store in St. Andrew’s Quay was one of the stores to be closed permanently, making all employees redundant.

“It was a huge surprise when we found out that the one in Kingswood was also closing, which means we would no longer have Frankie and Benny in Hull.

“All of us at Frankie and Benny’s are really upset and shocked by the news we have received. We really didn’t expect it, but our Executive Director was amazing and showed support throughout this process, even though she too lost her job. “

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It is understood that neither of the two restaurants will reopen following further relaxation of the lockout rules which would allow bars and restaurants to reopen.

The staff member, who had only worked at the St Andrew’s Quay site since late 2019, said there was no sign of closure before the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have only been in the store since the end of last year. But there was no sign of pre-quarantine that we were even thinking of closing, “she said.

“We were meeting targets each month and improving all of our sales from the previous year. We were hiring new employees and looking for new kitchen employees to strengthen our team.

“We really thought we would return to normal work after quarantine, but unfortunately we received this news that changed our lives. ”

After being approached by Hull Live, a company spokesperson explained how a complete list of closings could not be shared until the CVA process to pay all creditors was completed.

“I fear that we will not be able to confirm the list of sites until the CVA process is completed. The vote will take place on June 29, “he said.

The news came after Hull staff received an email, signed by Recreation and Concessions staff manager Jacqui McManus on June 3 updating them.

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It read as follows: “Following Mark Chambers’ announcement on Monday, June 1, we said we would be in touch today to confirm next steps regarding plans to close and reopen our restaurants.

“While we want to reopen as many restaurants as possible this year, unfortunately, a large number of sites are no longer viable and will remain closed permanently.

“We announced these proposed closings last year and again when we presented our results in February, the Covid-19 crisis significantly affected our ability to negotiate profitably.

“We must inform you that we have made the difficult decision to permanently close the restaurant in which you work. ”

“We are proposing to start a redundancy process in our closed businesses from Monday June 8. We will get back to you to confirm your restaurant hours and also to define the complete process and next steps.

“This decision in no way reflects your performance within the company and we appreciate your commitment and loyalty to the company. We will make every effort to ensure that you are fully supported during this very difficult period. “


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