France’s Macron commands on the review of the “pressure” on the former rival of the court case | News



PARIS (Reuters) - le Président français, Emmanuel Macron a ordonné vendredi un haut judiciaire de l'organe de surveillance pour examiner une éventuelle pression sur un procureur dans une affaire de ciblage de l'un de ses anciens rivaux à l'élection présidentielle qui a porté au pouvoir.

The former head of France’s financial prosecutors, Eliane Houlette, told legislators earlier this month that it had come under pressure over its treatment of former prime minister, François Fillon is the case on the embezzlement of public funds.

His remarks sparked concerns from conservatives that the legal system can be biased against Fillon in the case and used for political purposes.

“It is therefore essential to remove the doubt about the independence and impartiality of justice in this case,” Macron’s office, said in a news release announcing the review.

Fillon and his wife Penelope has been held in February on the fake jobs scandal which has destroyed his 2017 run for president and opened the Palace of the Elysee door to Macron.

Since his first address to the legislators, the Leadership has since said that Fillon has not been put under investigation, under pressure from the executive and that it had referred to the heavy hand of oversight by superiors in the high-profile case.

Once a front-runner in the election, Fillon candidacy for the presidency, has collapsed after claims he paid his wife hundreds of thousands of euros to make little, if any, of working as his parliamentary assistant.

A verdict in the case must be sent to the end of the month.

(Reporting by Leigh Thomas; Additional reporting by Marine Pennetier and Henri-Pierre Andre; editing by Grant McCool)



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