France to cut more short-haul air routes in favor of rail


From “normalcy” in short-haul travel in the euro area, the second largest economy will be redefined as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a speech to RMC radiowhich have been declared by BloombergFrench Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne said: “If we are asking for things from Air France, it is not that low-cost airlines can come and start their own service. “France plans to ban the shortest domestic routes, so that low-cost airlines, including the likes of easyJet and RyanAir Holdings, cannot capitalize on Air France retirement from these routes as part of its Covid-19 bailout.

The movement echoes the approach taken by Austria in its rescue from LufthansaDe s from the local subsidiary.

Air France will need to cut domestic flights by two-fifths, particularly those to destinations served in less than two-and-a-half-hours per route, as part of its € 7.0 billion face rescue package of iron.

The charge also said that his preferred approach would be to mimmick Austria off the ground for airline flights, labeling, one euro and 15 euro tickets “shocking”.

Austria has a surcharge of € 30 extra on flights less than 350 kilometers away and prohibit ticket prices below taxes and fees, with a minimum of around 40 euros.

Nevertheless, Greenpeace France is critical of the French plans, saying it will only reduce carbon emissions by 6.6%.

Air France’s carbon footprint would not be halved by 2024.

Take note that well, citing the boss’s office, Ben Smith, The Parisian reported that Air France lost around € 200.0m on its domestic network in 2019.


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