France the arrest of Three Raids, their False Documents Laboratories


The French authorities have arrested three people suspected of being members of a criminal network that was producing false documents for migrants and the descents of their two laboratories in Paris, Europol has reported on Thursday.

Holographic band. (Photo: Europol). Operating from Paris and Marseille, the network is said to have lasted across Europe, providing migrants, smugglers with fake driving licences and identity cards.

The group was composed of Algerian nationals and has been active since last year, Europol said.

Outside of the operation of their laboratories, the suspects established links with the counterfeiters in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Europol said the members have been the beginning of the collection from theft and loss of documents.

Police and customs officials have seized technical equipment such as thermal retransfer printers, laminators, blank media, plastic, holographic tapes, as well as the counterfeiting of IDs.


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