France plans to reduce the scheme of conditions of work designed to stimulate activity


However, a company may not operate the leave arrangements existing only for a maximum period of six months. On Wednesday, the government has also introduced a new programme in the longer term, more generous to the employees and the company, but demanding commitments to safeguarding jobs.

The program will allow a business to reduce the work of an employee up to 40%. The workers will receive up to 70% of the gross salary for the period without employment, the State reimburses businesses up to 85% if the program is operated before October, and 80% thereafter.

The government has not specified how much would it cost reduction program of work extended to the Treasury.

The trade unions have largely welcomed the new arrangement. But the CGT and Force Ouvrière, of the extreme left, regretted that the guarantees of continued employment imposed during the period of reduced work are not binding beyond.

“Even if they will benefit from financial support, companies may still terminate employment at the end of it, which is somewhat of a paradox “, said to the press, the boss of the CGT, Philippe Martinez.

During this time, the time workers spent at work should be used for training, with the State assuming up to 80% of the costs.


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