France getting its blues virus as cinemas, casinos game to open


Paris (AFP)

France will start to get rid of its Sunday blues coronavirus with the movie theaters opening at midnight and thousands of people have taken to the streets for its midsummer music festival.

The annual Music Festival usually brings millions of people to cities and towns across the country with a mix of large-scale events, and the impromptu of concerts in cafes and on street corners that disappear into the night.

But this year, there are some big extravagance games beyond what French electronic music and the legend of Jean-Michel Jarre has billed as the first in the world to live virtual “avatar” concert – “as in the Matrix” .

The artist’s veteran hoping to do better than the concert lock performed by US rapper Travis Scott inside the Fortnite shooter in April, which was watched by more than 12 million of players.

Social distance means that the Paris Arena Accord will only be able to accommodate 2,000 fans – one tenth of its normal capacity, for a show featuring a stellar line-up of talented French speakers.

While rallies of more than 10 people are still banned in France, his culture ministry said police will be tolerant of jamming outside night sessions if people keep their distance.

Having rushed to the terraces of their cafes and restaurants at the beginning of this month, millions of French people are also impatiently waiting for the cinemas to reopen on Monday.

Casinos also welcome players from Monday, while stadiums and racetracks reopen on July 11, subject to up to 5,000 people, the government announced late Friday, due to progress the fight against COVID-19.

– Red and champagne carpet –

Some cinemas will start screenings at midnight to celebrate the return of the big screen, with one near the Champs-Elysées avenue in Paris, hosting a champagne red carpet preview screening of “Les Parfums” (Les Parfums), with Emmanuelle Devos and Sergi Lopez.

France is one of the most cinephile countries in the world. A poll earlier this week claimed that 18.7 million people – nearly a third of the population – plan to go see a movie in the coming months.

“I only have one word, finally! Emmanuel Delesse, one of the directors of the UGC cinema chain, told AFP that he is ready to reopen the group of nearly 400 theaters.

He said cinemagoers will have to wear a mask in the ticket queue and in the hallways.

The authorities also insisted that the screening rooms can never be more than half with an armchair on each side of each filmgoer.

But with the French as well as the Hollywood producers after putting back the release of some of their biggest films, there may be very few new fares to see.

Instead, film fans will have to settle for films like “De Gaulle”, a biopic of France in chief in wartime, whose publication was interrupted by the foreclosure.

However, a handful of probably the Hollywood blockbusters are already on the horizon for the month of July, directed by Christopher Nolan thriller “Principle”, about a spy who must stop the third World War breaks out, and Disney Chinese of epic historical action, “Mulan”.


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