France Entered The Phase 3 Of The Lock; Open Borders, But These Rules Must Be Followed


On Monday, France entered the phase 3 of the lock or déconfinement. The borders of the EU and all the restaurants, cafes and bars opened on the 15th of June, but starting today, cinemas, sports halls, holiday parks and casinos can re-open too, meaning much of the French economy is back open for business.

With some of the international borders should be exercised progressively from July 1 with the countries of the EU, there are still a few key rules to remember:

1) Compliance with social distancing rules of 1 meter (3 feet)–people are asked not to approach within 1 meter of each other.

2) Masks are mandatory–in all public transport, including trains, trams and buses. Shopping malls need a mask for the input, but you can now try on clothes. Many stores require masks for input and ask that you sanitize your hands at the entrance and he will watch films at the cinema, where the empty seats will be used to enforce the social distance.

3) No Kissing–this is obvious, but it is difficult for a country to greet the people, including work colleagues, with a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on each cheek. The kisses are now allowed on French film sets as long as the two actors were tested for the coronavirus in advance.

4) Public gatherings must be less than 10 people–with the exception of the claims or of the funeral.

5) No non-essential travel outside the borders of the EU–unlike other countries, France never officially closed its borders in the course of the pandemic, but any person travelling in the country has show a certificate of travel international (certificate in international transit). And the only way to get one was a diplomat, a cross border worker doing most of the work of someone, or of French back in their main residence.

6) Work from home, if possible–the government recommends that you always work from home, where it is still possible, and many French employees are still in their homes, most of the time.

7) No large gatherings, for concerts or sports stadiums. However, it is to be hoped that when France is the State of Health of Emergency ends on 11 July that the stadiums will be reopened, but for less than 5 000 people.

As indicated in Les Echos, with its partners in the european UNION, the French government could also allow the cruises to sail, but just between European ports. A decision has yet to be made on night clubs or cruises international.

As of Monday 22 June, all children are obliged to go to school, while during the first two phases of lock, school attendance is optional. As indicated in The Local, it is necessary for schools to provide 4 square meters for each student (43 square feet) and a maximum of 15 students per class, but from Monday, this is no longer necessary. Masks, however, are still mandatory.

Protest–generally considered to be a national pass-time is now allowed again. Black Lives Matter protests have started before they should have been legally possible, but they have been allowed because the Minister of the Interior of thought, the strength of feeling means that they must go forward. From Monday, protests of 5,000 people or less will be admitted. Funerals no longer have a limit.


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