France closes two schools in paris as a precaution after case of coronavirus


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The French authorities have closed two schools in Paris as a precaution after the discovery of the case of coronavirus, but they have not been classified as clusters is potentially dangerous, announced on Wednesday that the authorities.

France, in contrast to some other european countries that have adopted an approach much more cautious, resumed Monday, school is compulsory for all students after the judgment of the coronavirus.

Some schools were already open, at least partially, for several weeks after the relaxation of the initial lock.

But a school in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, with 180 students has been closed until the end of the week after the discovery of three cases, said the AFP, to the AFP.

However, the timing of the infections – spread between early June and Monday – shows that it is not a cluster, he added.

Another school in paris, in the 4th arrondissement, and with 200 pupils, was closed until July 7, after the discovery of a case.

However, the local authorities have stated that there were no other schools closed in Paris because of the case of COVID-19.

Life throughout France is now back to a semblance of normality after the lock, although many people still working at home and wear masks in the street.

Officials are wary of a second wave, but say that there is not yet evidence of this in spite of the easing measures.

According to the latest figures released on Tuesday evening, 29 720 people in France have died of the virus with 161 267 positive cases recorded.

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