France calls on the EU to discuss its relations with Turkey | News


On Wednesday, the French minister of foreign Affairs has called on its european Union partners to hold talks pressing on the future relations of the EU with Turkey, which has met in Paris about his role in Libya.The links between the NATO allies, France and Turkey have deteriorated in recent weeks. Paris has criticized the military support of Turkey to the government which is internationally recognized in Libya, and its role in the syrian conflict. The drilling operations of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean are also a subject of contention.

“France considers that it is essential that the european Union opens extremely quickly in a substantive debate, excluding nothing, without being naive about the prospects of future relations of the european Union with Ankara,” said minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to the legislature.

The EU must firmly defend its own interests, he added.

On Monday, the French president Emmanuel Macron has accused Turkey of playing “a dangerous game” in Libya. Turkey has returned fire Tuesday, saying that Macron has had to suffer an “eclipse of mind” to oppose to the support of Ankara for the government of Tripoli.

With the support of the Turkish army, the government forces cancelled an attack in 14 months on the capital of Tripoli carried out by forces led by Khalifa Haftar, who is backed by Russia, the united arab Emirates and Egypt. Ankara said that France has contributed to the chaos by supporting Haftar.

“We need clarification on the role that Turkey intends to play in Libya, where I think we are witnessing a syrianisation,” said Le Drian, referring to the fighters syrians that Ankara had taken in Libya.



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