France brings home 10 jihadists, ” children of Syria, News of the World


The government said Monday that it had brought home 10 French children of jihadist fighters for the night to a refugee camp in Syria, at the latest, at the option of the process of repatriation from the Islamic State, the group has been ousted from its Syrian base in March 2019.”France has the return of ten French minors, orphans or humanitarian, who were in camps in the north-east of Syria,” the ministry of foreign affairs said in a press release.

“These children have been handed over to French judicial authorities, of medical treatment, and have been supported by the social services,” he said.

The ministry has not provided details on their parents.

France has repatriated a total of 28 children from war-torn Syria, where hundreds of citizens went to fight on IS insurgents as they tried to establish a so-called ” caliphate. ”

Rights groups have called on the government to quickly put in the house for at least the miners who were brought by their parents to the conflict zone or to have been born during the years of fighting.

But many of the estimated 300 French children detained in the Kurdish-run camps in Syria are with their mothers, fathers, and France insisted on the fact that French nationals should face local justice.

Critics say that this position exposes the families of French fighters to inhumane treatment, and psychological trauma.

The ministry of foreign affairs said on Monday that he had “thanked” the leaders of the Kurds for their cooperation in an operation carried out ” because of the particularly vulnerable situation of these children, and with the permissions provided by local authorities “.

Some 12,000 foreign — 4 000 women and 8 000 children are being held in three camps for displaced people in the north-east of Syria, most of Al-Hol, where aid groups say they suffer from malnutrition and disease.

Kurdish officials have called on countries to take their detained citizens, warning that they do not have the resources to keep prisoners indefinitely.

According to the CAT terrorism analysis centre, 13 French jihadists, including Hayat Boumedienne, the partner of one of the three men who have conducted deadly attacks in Paris in January 2015, have escaped detention in Syria.


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