France anticipates the end of the health emergency and hopes to avoid a second foreclosure


France plans to end its state of health emergency against coronaviruses from July 10, with a bill that will include a transition period during which the country may reimpose movement restrictions.The government’s scientific council is proposing a four-month period during which the Prime Minister could restrict movement to control the epidemic as a last resort.

But the council advised against reissuing a national lock by invoking “health, social and economic” concerns.

“The Scientific Council has indicated that the use of a strict national lockdown would be neither desirable nor acceptable given health, social and economic concerns. It is therefore essential to do everything to avoid such a failure, ”counselors said in their advice to the government. before June 2.

“However, the Scientific Council considers that this possibility must be considered and must be able to be implemented, in particular at the local level. ”

France published a national ban in mid-March, residents can only leave their homes to buy necessary supplies such as food or medicine, health reasons or to exercise for an hour a day .

The country began phasing out its lockdown on May 11 and in June reopened restaurants, cafes, sports centers, and some museums and cultural sites.

At the beginning of June, the scientific council indicated that “the circulation of viruses in France has been greatly slowed down and that the epidemic is under control”, however the virus “continues to circulate”.

The council declares that the country can exit the state of emergency if the epidemic remains contained but that the current situation does not mean that there will be no “resumption of the epidemic” which could occur in the over the next few weeks or months.

“The improvement in the situation” and the probable “localized, slow and controllable recovery” of the epidemic justify the exit from the state of emergency, said the scientific advisers in their opinion to the government.

France has been particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic with the third death toll in Europe with more than 29,000 deaths and a heavy workload with more than 155,000 confirmed cases.

But many are eager for new discharge restrictions despite nearly 12,000 people still in hospital due to COVID-19 and 933 still in intensive care units.


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