Four Ottawa-area restaurants crack 2020, Canada is considered one of the Top 100 Restaurants of the list


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Since COVID-19 forced the closure of halls of restaurant, the four praised restaurants have articulated their businesses in different ways.

Côte d’azur and Ferns provide food for pick-up and the Chelsea restaurant has a shop selling prepared foods, which is open.

Workshop on Saturdays and Sundays offers a shortcut menu tasting with non-alcoholic drink pairings, but as a “drive-thru” restaurant, with customers picking up of course in front of the restaurant, eating in their cars in the nearby parking lot, then around the block to pick up the next course. Alice sells a variety of fermented products and plans to re-open a certain way in the future.

In the edition in 2019 in the list, the restaurants of Ottawa city of the Workshop (24), the côte d’azur (51st), Stofa (98th) and Fauna (100th). In 2018, the list has chosen Lepine as Canada’s most innovative chef.

Trim the 2020 list, which was compiled from surveys submitted by 103 judges across the country, has been in the Toronto restaurant of the Oat, which is also came in first 2019 2018 2017.

A companion list of canada’s top 50 bars was also released this week, but not in the Ottawa area bars have been named on it.

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