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UPDATE: As has been confirmed earlier today by Epic Games, Fortnite downtime is scheduled to begin at 7 am GMT, or 2am, AND if you live in the united States. This server maintenance will affect all platforms, including PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC and Mobile.Epic Games has also warned that today, Fortnite stopping time for the Season 3 update may take up to three hours, although there is a good chance that the new patch will be available to download before 10 am GMT, on 17 June 2020.

To tease the launch of Fortnite of Season 3, the creative director at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, told fans on Twitter: “Ahh. New Fortnite Season Eve. One of my favourite days.

“I’m so happy for all the world to see the things that we all have dreamed and wanted and worked so hard for so long to Do. The things that we find to be delicious and full of joy. ”

ORIGINAL: The next Fortnite update is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile, Wednesday, June 17, 2020. And this will be special, as it will include everything needed to successfully launch Fortnite Chapter 2 of Season 2 on all platforms. The Fans have been waiting a long time for all the new card changes and costs of skins, and from what has been shared so far, it won’t be long until they can start downloading stuff. Epic Games has also confirmed that they will be shutting down the servers, which means the game will be unplayable for some time.

And the only disadvantage of such a Fortnite update is that the servers will probably be longer than usual.Epic Games has already warned that today’s patch will be larger than normal, one of the first signs that a long period of maintenance will be necessary.

This will be the patch that launches Fortnite Chapter 2 of Season 3, which means that it should be big news shared during the interview.

This usually means a new trailer to watch, a new Battle Pass of check-out, and sometimes the patch notes to inform you on all the other great changes.

While we do not have any information at hand, and yet, we do not know at what time Fortnite Season 3 interrupt will be starting.

We also had a rough idea of how long the servers will be down for all platforms on June 17.


According to Epic Games, Fortnite servers are planned to go offline, Wednesday, June 17, on PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, and Mobile.

This means that Battle Royale and Save the World of the modes will be unplayable for the duration. Epic estimates of down time can last up to three hours, however, there is a chance that things could take more time.

The latest updates have only taken about an hour or two to deploy, but this week, the patch is the launch of Season 3, which means that it might be more moving parts.

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite server downtime and maintenance will begin at 7am GMT.

This means that Fortnite will not be available in the us from 2 o’clock in the morning, AND there, as long as the interview lasts.

Epic Games will share an update on Twitter when Fortnite the servers are offline, and the other will be posted when they are back online. There will also be other things, including a new trailer and the Battle of Pass of update for those who want to see what comes next.

The latest news from Epic Games, says: “We believe that the Storm may be on to something… get ready for Chapter 2 of Season 3. Downtime begins at 2 pm ET (06:00 UTC)!

“Note: With the launch of the new Season, patch size is larger than normal.”


New teasers have started to be sent out by Epic Games and includes a Trident, suggesting that the Fortnite Season 3 of the Battle passes from the water on the theme.

That should not be so surprising that we have already large quantities of water, flooding the map this week.

Some teaser messages were also shared with the latter adding: “While space may seem like a great escape to avoid getting drenched, don’t panic reminds you that it is outside of our coverage area. Stick with us on the Island.

“Yes, there is a huge wall of water, and yes, you probably want to know if we cover the water damage and boat rentals, and yes, we thank you for your interest in No Sweat.”

Latest tips suggest that Aquaman may be part of the new Fortnite Battle to Pass, but the fans will want to wait for the new trailers to make sure of that.


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