Fortnite: Chapter 2: the Season 3 has flooded the battle royale island


The new season of Fortnite is finally here and it has brought with it a flood. Today, Epic Games has released the long-delayed third season of Fortnite: Chapter 2following a massive event earlier in the week that saw the game of the battle royale of the island, surrounded by a wall of water. Rightly, the new season has submerged vast areas of the island, the creation of a greater emphasis on the aquatic elements of gameplay. This includes a new Waterworld-the style of the floating city of the area, and the ability to water ski, while being pulled by a shark.

The most important change is, of course, the map. The western part of the island is now mostly under water, in a large part to the elimination of places like Slurpy Swamp and the Weeping Wood. During this time, been destroyed of the Agency of the region today seems to be a kind of fortified base. The new card for the game of ships much more viable, while the new season also introduces new mobility options, including the aforementioned water-skiing; you will be able to hang on to a shark, of course, by the fishing. Other great additions include a new NPC enemies called the Marauders.

Epic has also teased a little later in the season, real cars will be coming to the game, a first for Fortnite. It seems that the flooding is not necessarily a permanent part. “As time passes and the water recedes, even more locations to discover, and as the roads become more open-minded, you will discover new ways to get around,” the developer explains.

As well as the evolution of the game itself, a new season also means a new battle pass, Fortnite’s subscription season of service. Players who splurge for a pass, a number of unlockable characters, including Aquaman and the Kit, a tiny kitten riding a motorcycle that also feeds a mech suit. You know, typical Fortnite stuff. Just like last season, there is a continuing emphasis on customization; this time, players will be able to build their own umbrella in the course of the season, the unlocking of parts over time.

It has been a long time coming for the new season. Chapter 2 of the second season began back on February 20, and since Fortnite has seen a few notable changes and events. That includes violence is a social space, called the Royal, game additions like helicopters, and a surreal virtual concert of the tour of Travis Scott. Epic has also announced that the game had topped 350 million players, making it among the most popular titles in the world. The flood map represents the biggest change to Fortnite since the long-term future of the blackhole event that has decimated the island of origin.

Despite the long wait, Epic managed to hype the new season in grand fashion, with the “device” of the event, on Monday, who has seen the 12 million players to participate in the liveand more than 8 million more watching on Twitch and YouTube.


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