‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 of Season 3 features Aquaman and walkable sharks


As you will see in the video above, one of the new ways to get around this Epic refers are cars, which are ready to reach boats and helicopters, the main modes of transport on the island. But that’s not all. With less real mass, hot tubs were scattered across the island, allowing players to spin out of areas using their glider. Oh, and there are “hungry and dangerous” sharks that will attack you unless you use a fishing rod for hitchhiking.

With each new season, a new Battle Pass. The last time around the skin banner was Deadpool’s favorite Deadpool, but this time it’s a (super relevant) DC character: Aquaman. Players can unlock new skins drifter, space suits and Kit, a kitten riding a motorcycle that turns into a mech costume.

There are many new items, such as shotguns, drums, and bursting weapons, but fan-favorite weapons such as Shotguns are back. Chug Cruches and Chug Splashes are also back, giving players lots of options when they go against one of the many enemies to knock them into the new map.


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