Fortnite cars: How to take the steering wheel of the new vehicle


Fortnite cars is the topic on everyone’s lips, with the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2 of Season 3, a lot of the question, ” where are the Fortnite cars, after featuring heavily in the trailers. The Question is, how do you want to find and drive cars in Fortnite and where can you find Fortnite car places? We have the details on what you need to know here with a complete guide to the Fortnite cars.

Fortnite car locations

We’ll cut to the chase: for the moment, it can’t be Fortnite cars. This is because they are not in the game yet. A bit like the helicopters of the last season, they were teased in the trailer, but are not available in-game until later in the season, according to Epic. .

Now, chances are it is because most of the map is currently flooded, so the car would not be useful anyway. Sharks act as the fast water-based mode of transport, at the moment (with the boats), so we expect to see Fortnite cars later on down the line. The card is less likely to be flooded in the course of the season, to make room for cars and vehicles.

How to drive Fortnite cars

Since they are not in the game but we can’t say for certain, but we expect Fortnite cars work the same way as other vehicles of Fortnite. Approach and interact hop in, then you will be able to get seats at your leisure and ferry your teammates from front to back.

When we know more about the Fortnite cars, including all of the Fortnite car places, we will not miss you know. Until then, have fun riding the sharks!

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