Former Iowa players talk about strength coach Chris Doyle, program culture – The Athletic


IOWA CITY, Iowa – The cover that often contains a culture shock between the Iowa football program and its African-American athletes has exploded following a series of exchanges on Twitter between former players in recent days Dozens of former African American footballers from Iowa shared their experiences – both in the program and in the Iowa City area. Some have been measured in their criticism; others have provided explosive allegations against longtime Iowa football force and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, who has worked alongside Ferentz since 1999. Doyle is the highest-paid force coach of the country with $ 800,000 per year.

Current Iowa players are banned from interacting on Twitter, but may post on other social media platforms.

The dialogue began Wednesday afternoon when coach Kirk Ferentz discussed the possibility of kneeling at the “star banner”, which he previously opposed. Former Iowa Center …


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