Ford government extends emergency orders for another 10 days and lifts restrictions on indoor sports facilities


The province has extended emergency orders to limit the spread of COVID-19 by 10 days.

Dozens of Ford government’s emergency management and emergency preparedness orders were set to expire on June 30, but in a statement released on Saturday the province confirmed that it would extend them until June 10. July.

The state of emergency, which allows the province to issue and change orders, is currently scheduled to expire on July 15 after being extended earlier this week.

“Although we have made truly incredible progress in our fight against COVID-19, thanks to the collective efforts of our frontline heroes and the people of Ontario, we know we must remain vigilant,” said the first. Minister Doug Ford in the press release. emergency orders will allow us to take steps, if necessary, to ensure our continued success as we reopen our province and more people return to work. ”

In addition to extending emergency orders, the province also announced on Saturday that it is removing certain restrictions on indoor sports and recreational facilities so that they can be used to “train amateur or professional athletes, or to direct certain athletes amateurs or professionals without contact ”, As long as public health directives are respected.


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