Florence Pugh apologizes for cultural appropriation


“I was not educated. I was not read. “

Florence Pugh has made some thoughts and now apologizes for cultural appropriation – including a time when she wore cornrows and a bonnet “painted with the colors of the Jamaican flag”.

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The actor posted a note on his Instagram, where she remembered when she was 17. “Proud of my Rastafarian creation, I then posted about it the next day with a caption that paraphrased the words of Shaggy’s song” Boombastic “. I am ashamed of so many things [these] sentences, “she wrote, adding that it was” cruel “, she” forgot “and” had no idea how many people were offended “.

Florence admitted: “Growing up in white and privileged allowed me to go that far and not to know … Stupid does not even cut him, I was uneducated. I was unread. “

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She also remembers wearing bindis and henna, which she said “became a trend” “during the summer of 2017”. “No one cared about the origin,” she wrote. “A culture was abused for profit. I felt embarrassed … In fact, I was not respectful How? ‘Or’ What I used it. I wore this culture only on my terms, at parties [and] at dinner. I too disrespected the beauty of the religion that had been taught to me years ago. ”

“I am truly sorry for all of you who have been offended for years or even recently,” she added. “I cannot reject the actions to which I subscribed years ago, but I believe that we who were blind to such things must recognize them and recognize them as our faults, our ignorance and our white privilege, and I I apologize abundantly for taking so long. ”

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She posted her note with the caption, “To see the change, I have to be part of the change. ”

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