Flights cancelled, communities closed as coronavirus return plunged Beijing into a ” soft lockdown “


Beijing — The new epidemic of coronavirus in the Chinese capital prompted the authorities to increase their official emergency response to Level II, on Tuesday evening, the race of the rod, what is called a “very serious” situation. The adjustment in Beijing’s response level, just 10 days after he was downgraded to Level III.Beijing has strengthened measures to stop the spread of viruses such as the cluster of new infections, focusing on the Xinfadi wholesale market of the supply, has increased again to 31 cases over the course of Tuesday. The chinese government has officially identified 137 cases in the capital since the first patient in this new wave of infections has been diagnosed in the last week.

Now, the flights are cancelled, schools were told to close it back down, and all of the communities close to the market, or with the knowledge of the COVID-19 cases have been closed and their residents are forbidden to leave. Up to the present 29 districts have been completely closed.

People who had their license plates recorded in the area of the Xinfadi market, where a new COVID-19 coronavirus cluster emerged, waiting to be tested for the coronavirus in Beijing, on 17 June 2020. GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty

In a large part of the capital, the inhabitants have found themselves under what many call a ” soft lock-in. “


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