Fleur East has said, to “abandon the natural hair to succeed” before the triumph of X Factor


Fleur East has spoken of the moment she was told that she should leave her hair natural if she wanted to have a chance to sell records. The pop singer of 32 years has said that before finding success in The X Factor, he was told that having an afro would hamper its chances of being popular with the public and, ultimately, to forge a career in the world of pop.

Flower, who finished second in the show of talent-ITV, has stuck to its guns and said that it was important to her that she was wearing her afro proudly, ” and spoke of his culture and his roots in public.

Talk to Hello! magazine alongside her husband Marcel Badiane Robin, she said: “When I entered the X Factor, the one thing I really didn’t want to compromise on was my hair.

“For me, it is a representation of me, my color and my culture, and I believe that this should be celebrated. “

Fleur East has spoken of sectarianism with which it was faced
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Speaking of his time on I’m On A Celebrity … get me Out of here, she added: “When I went in the jungle, a lot of people have asked if I was going to braid my hair, saying that I could not have my afro in the jungle.

“But I wanted to get it out and wear it proudly.

“I went to see behind the scenes, where I met young children of black and mulatto whose parents have said” Thank you so much Flower to have worn proudly your hair and you have spoken of your culture and your roots, because my child has someone to admire. ‘

“And this is so important. I was in a band before X Factor and they told me to smooth the hair, that I could not sell if I had my natural hair. ”

Flower, whose father was white and whose mother is a native of Ghana, recently attended an event in Black Lives Matter, caused by the death of George Floyd in the United States after being held for nearly nine minutes by a police officer kneeled on the neck.

“The atmosphere was incredible,” she said.

“I would have been able to cry. All the world was there. All breeds, all ages. It is so nice to see that.

Fleur East with her husband Marcel Badiane Robin

“We don’t care about where you come from, we don’t care about the color of your skin, we don’t care about of the social class to which you belong. This is not relevant.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. ”

Flower has also recognized Spice Girl Mel B as an important model, stating: “In the music industry, there was not a lot of people who do not lissaient hair.

“This is why I loved Mel B in the Spice Girls – she had an afro, and I remember having looked at it, thinking how it was amazing, and it made me love my hair. ”

* Read the full interview in Hello !, now.

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