First time: Judy Greer


Prolific actress Judy Greer talks about her first audition, her voiceover work, her new horror film Into the Dark: Good Boy and his experiences working on projects such as Development stopped and the recent Halloween restart in the last tranche of Rolling StoneThe first time.

The actress also discussed how she managed to kick her cigarette habit through her new hobby: knitting. “I will say that it saved my life on set. It’s also a good thing to do while you’re in quarantine. I’ve knitted my own wardrobe now,” Greer joked, adding that she ended up quitting.

Greer recently played the daughter of Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis’s long suffering, in the 2018 remake Halloween; Greer to reprise role in 2020 Halloween kills. In our interview, Greer recalls the terrifying experience when she first saw the infamous serial killer of the Michael Myers franchise on set.

Having previously worked in the horror genre with Halloween And Carrie, Greer now plays in It is ok, the final chapter of the holiday theme In the dark anthology horror series. The episode, which premiered Friday and starred in pet appreciation Day on June 12, revolves around a murderous (albeit cute) emotional support dog belonging to Maggie Greer. In The First Time, Greer talks about how she marked the role.

“I was walking my little “mix of terrorists” in the street and these two guys ran out of a café. They were like, “Judy Greer! And I’m like,’s ‘Stay away!’ But they said, “No, wait, we’re writers. We’re fans, and weirdly you’re here with a little terrier because we’re writing a movie and we’re basically writing it for you like a spec,” Greer said.

“One thing led to another and we had a very good official meeting. The script was amazing, we sent it to[producers[producersof[producteursde[producersofIn the dark]… and now here I’m talking to you about it.


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