FIFA reveals major changes in transfer window that will impact Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham


FIFA has announced a rule change that will allow the Football Federation to open the summer transfer window before the end of the 2019/20 season. The Premier League will return in less than a week on June 17 and the championship is expected to follow on June 20.

As the two best national leagues in England are not ready to end their seasons by the end of July / beginning of August, the start and end dates for the transfer window are uncertain.

However, FIFA announced two major rule changes on Thursday.

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The first will allow players to play now for three different clubs in the same season.

The second will allow any club operating its double-year season, which includes all leagues in England, to open the transfer window BEFORE the end of the current season.

FIFA statement “The new temporary regulatory changes approved by the Board Office are as follows:

“In order to avoid concerns about unemployed players, players are allowed to register in up to three clubs and are allowed to play in the official matches of three clubs in the same season.

“In order to give priority to clubs to end their season (2019/20) with their original team, to offer flexibility and allow AMs to correctly plan their football calendar, associations following a two-year calendar are authorized to start » first registration period “For the 2020/21 season before the end of the 2019/20 season, under certain conditions. ”

For Hakim Ziyech and other players who have already completed their transfer to English clubs for next season, this rule change does not mean that they can play in the last games of the season.

It is understood that the reopening of the Premier League registration process was discussed at Thursday’s meeting, but the proposal was rejected.


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