FC Reading fan will travel the Tour de France distance to raise money for the club’s charity


A Reading FC enthusiast and season ticket holder has challenged himself to travel the full distance of the Tour de France to raise money for the club’s charity.

John Lawrence, 38, of Whitley, decided to travel the total distance of the Tour de France (more than 2,000 miles) to raise funds for the Reading FC Community Trust.

The trust provides “a safe environment to care for, develop and educate disadvantaged or at risk youth in and around the Reading area,” according to the club’s website.

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So far, Lawrence has covered about 1,325 miles and hopes to complete the challenge within five weeks.

Mr. Lawrence describes himself as a “strong supporter of reading.”

He said: “I enjoyed watching the games and I think my club best embodies the true sense of community. “

He explained why he wanted to participate in this challenge after having a “flash of inspiration”.

He said: “In every home game I have attended, I have often heard the familiar call of” Golden Gamble “, a very popular half-time raffle.

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“Because of the coronavirus, it suddenly occurred to me that the charity would have lost and will continue to lose a lot of money because they couldn’t organize the raffle.”

He continued, “I have decided that I will turn my attention to fundraising for this worthwhile charity. “

Lawrence hopes to raise £ 500 for the charity and has so far raised £ 180 at the time of writing.

To donate to the cause, click here.


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