Face masks very effective against Covid-19, new evidence suggests


Three new studies in Germany, Britain and the United States have found that face masks are very effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus from person to person.

The first study looked at the city of Jena in Germany, which required residents to wear face masks in public places, such as public transportation and shopping, on April 6.

Scarves and improvised fabric blankets were allowed where specially designed masks were not available, and medical grade masks were reserved for health workers.

After the introduction of mandatory masks, “the number of new infections has dropped to almost zero,” noted the report, which was written by four academics working in Germany and Denmark and published by an independent research organization, the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). ).

“We believe that reducing the growth rate of infections by 40 to 60% is our best estimate of the effects of facial masks. . . We must also emphasize that 40 to 60% could still be a lower limit, ”they write.


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