“F – YOU, I AM OUT”: the “oscillating” marriage of Thomas Middleditch with Mollie Gates


Silicon Valley actor Thomas Middleditch and his wife Mollie Gates have separated – after the star previously revealed that “the swing saved our marriage.”

Gates filed for divorce from the 38-year-old star, citing irreconcilable differences, in court documents obtained by People. The documentation was filed on Thursday, with the separation date set for May 22.

The couple married in August 2015, and Middleditch hit the headlines last year when he told Playboy that he told his wife “we have to be nontraditional here” and open the relationship.

To her credit, instead of saying, “F – you, I’m out,” she said, “Let’s see that.” To be honest, the swing saved our marriage, ”said Thomas.

“We have different speeds, and we are constantly arguing about it, but it’s better than feeling unprecedented and alone and you have to rush into the shadows. By the way, this is now called “being part of the lifestyle.” The term swing is old. “

Months later, the Canadian native shared that he regretted revealing intimate details about his sex life and that of Gates in public.

“To be honest, this is something I wish I could pick up on. It was a bad execution. But I learned to keep things a little closer to the chest. It was a painful learning experience, to be honest, “he said on the Daily Beast’s The Last Laugh podcast in April.


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