Expected departure from Liverpool could force transfer to rethink as Reds seek to stay ahead – John Aldridge


A point is never a bad result in a Merseyside derby, even without a crowd, so take you and move on.Liverpool needed to find a little bit more to move forward and we were inevitably lacking in balance without our two more left foot players, Andy Robertson and Mohamed Salah, not involved, although I know that Mo mainly plays on the right.

Who touch us as a team and individually, with Trent Alexandre-Arnold for not having one of his best games, and who could well have been his not to have Salah in front of him than these two have built a good relationship.

But we have to remember that it was the first game of va – and it was a derby doesn’t help anyone – so it can take thirty and a few others a little while to find their high level again , after a long and unusual break.

There is a slight concern that we seem to have delved a bit into the terms of a front bumper cut that had started before we went into isolation.

Liverpool have set the bar so high in recent seasons to attack wise and they have made a rod for their own rear in many ways, but there have been a few games since the New Year where we looked a little blunt at the ‘before.

A few people made the point that we were lucky enough because none of the front, three were injured for any period of time, but if one or more of them were in the next season, it could be quite alarming.

The manager knows Minamino needs to be given a chance to show what he can do, he knows what Divock Origi brings to the side when it’s used and then there’s Xherdan Shaqiri, who is simply injured too often, unfortunately.

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He is a good footballer, but is simply not available regularly enough, so the manager and the people around him are going to have to think about the composition of the team, especially in attacking areas, for the next season.

We understand the reasons why they decided not to sign Timo Werner and how the manager and the people around him are determined to build the right kind of team and not go for quick fixes.

The position they have obtained from Liverpool in recent years is absolute proof that they deserve to be reliable, but they are not soft, they know there is a possibility of losing Salah and Mane and for a period of time next January, now it looks like the African Cup of Nations is going to be postponed back to the time of the year and I wonder if it could be a change of heart to bring back a player or of them.

We have Curtis Jones, who can come in for Lallana, but if Shaqiri is going to need another striker, I think.

It is not easy to improve a team as good as Liverpool, but Chelsea among others are strengthening the good and will be more competitive next season, just like Manchester United, who have great looking for player in Fernandes and will no doubt be trying to attract more.

When you are ahead, you have to try and make sure you stay one step ahead, so if the means to go out and get a world class player to strengthen the team then I would like to see us do it.

There will be a couple of players who leave the summer and, while we have high hopes for some of these young guys who have big forward contracts, I would still like to see us find someone in the .

Ultimately it’s a matter of determining if Jurgen Klopp feels the same, but if he does, I would be surprised if he didn’t happen.


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