Expanded “bubbles” can reunite grandparents with their families


Boris Johnson will announce a household bubble expansion on Tuesday that could mean millions of other grandparents to be reunited with their grandchildren.In large-scale easing to stay locked in measures, the Prime Minister will also have to put pubs, restaurants and hairdressers on notice to reopen on July 4 and cut two meters from the one-meter rule. Staycations will also be open to millions of families.

The move is designed to save tens of thousands of pennies, and the country is approaching normalcy that at all times since solitary confinement began in March. It also has the potential to allow more schools to reopen before summer.

But Downing St, said Mr. Johnson “will not hesitate to put the hand brake on” if the virus begins to spread again, and the new easements would be on the front line to be reversed.

Under the current rules, a group of six people can meet in the open air, but the only people who can come within two meters are those who live in the same household and another named person who lives alone under another roof.

This has resulted in families making difficult choices as to which grandparents to kiss their grandchildren or to hold newborns.

Johnson is looking forward to finding a way for more and more families to come together, and is looking at different plans for expanding the current “bubble support” policy that has made it possible for people living alone to do so. the bond with another family.

One option is to allow two families to join together, without any limit on the number, but that would still mean couples having to choose between different sets of grandparents.

Another option is to allow “bubbles” for a number of people from more than two households, which would allow a family to have physical contact with both sets of grandparents. This option also has limitations, since people with more than one set of grandchildren would still have to choose between them.

A senior Government source said: “There will be an expansion of the social-bubbles, but the details are still being finalized.”

Another source said: “The question with bubbles has always been how to help families get together as much as possible without too much risk.

“Scientists’ main concern has always been infections from spreading from one household to another, which is why this is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make.”

Mr Johnson said on Sunday: “The disease is increasingly under control and I just want people to reflect on this important fact.

“So, of course, as we make progress, it will be possible to open up more and you will hear more about what we want to do with not just non-essential retail, but with the hospitality sector from July 4 and we are sticking absolutely like glue to the roadmap for the plan I put out on May 10. ”

Mr. Johnson will today be given recommendations for a government review within two meters of the rule, which should conclude that it should be cut to one meter as long as it can be toned down with face coatings , plexiglass screens or other measures.

Tuesday he will be discussing the matter with members of his Cabinet before making a statement to Parliament on the latest lock easing.

Downing Street, the source said, “The reason we are able to move forward this week is because the vast majority of people have taken action to contain the virus. The more we open up, the more important it is that everyone follows the rules of social distancing.

“We will not hesitate to put the hand brake on to stop the virus out of control.”


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