EXCLUSIVE! Kangana Ranaut: There is sufficient evidence on which banded together against Sushant Singh Rajput


Kangana is in the middle of another war on social media. When we contacted her, she said: “Even when I speak to you, my hands are shaking. We are going through a huge crisis with China, so many indian soldiers gave their lives at the border, but I can’t stop thinking about the disappearance of Sushant. ”

Kangana Ranaut and Sushant Singh Rajput have never shared screen space together but there are many things that connect them. The fact that they come from a small town and have worked in a number of films that focus on the content. There is another link, although it has never been successful. View the success of M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Sushant had expressed his desire to work with Kangana. “I want to work with Kangana Ranaut because she has a lot of potential and is a player of incredible,” said Sushant when she was questioned by the media.As always, Kangana is in the middle of another war on social media. When we contacted her, she said: “Even when I speak to you, my hands are shaking. We are going through a huge crisis with China, so many indian soldiers gave their lives at the border, but I can’t stop thinking about the disappearance of Sushant. ”

While a war of social media ensues, pitting one faction to another on the untimely demise of the actor. Mukesh Bhatt said to the media that he had felt something wrong there about a year and a half when he had met Sushant. The film producer also said that he had seen it coming and that Sushant was on the way “Parveen Babi”. For those who need a quick reference, Parveen Babi would have been diagnosed with a paranoid schizophrenia.

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Kangana expresses: “Mukesh Bhatt now claims that Sushant went to the Parveen Babi Way.” But what they have done to Parveen Babi, the whole world remembers that. “Interestingly, in 2006, Kangana has played the main role in a film entitled Who Lamhe who was supposed to be based on the life of Parveen Babi, his battle with schizophrenia and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt.

“In addition, after Mahesh Bhatt has met with Hrithik Roshan after our relationship has declined, it has officially declared that regardless of the evidence that Hrithik has shown, he saw a tragedy in the making. Referring to me, he also said that a tragic end was very close. I wonder what pushed him to say it. This is four years, and no tragedy has occurred. Why was he sure that there was a tragedy on the anvil? Why was he so sure that my end is near?

Now, his brother jumps in all of this, and claims that Sushant turned to Parveen Babi. That is to say that? Sushant was the holder of a grade; it has also left a scholarship to Stanford University to pursue his dreams. Something that their children (Bhatt) can not even think. Tomorrow, if their children hang on the roof and someone comes up and says that it has to happen because they became like Parveen Babi, I want to see what they think “, asks she.

“Sushant and I had never interacted – or at least I don’t remember specifically – but we had many close friends as Sandip Ssingh and Kamal Jain. There were a lot of people who were so close to Sushant. I knew roughly what was going on in his life because they loved each other very much and were very close to him. In fact, when the news came to me, I immediately called Kamal ji and I asked: “Kamal-Ji, what has happened in the past, do you know something?”

Kangana tells the story of the conversation as she was told: “Kamal-ji told me that he had talked to Sushant last Monday and that he was very upset. He mentioned that he had never spoken like that before. He had told Kamal Ji: Make a great movie with me yaar. I gave Chhicchore, I have given a successful film but I still don’t big movies. I don’t have “the job that I want.” Kamal Ji has assured him of doing something together once the lockout lifted. They were to meet Thursday, but it happened. So, clearly, he was conscious of the work and he was worried about how people had stuck. “

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“When I started, I had known that Sushant had a contract with a very large production house. He was the first choice for Ram-Leela and he was the first choice for Bajirao Mastani. It could not work on these films, which became very great success. Then of course, he had a certain attitude, he didn’t like sucking people. In addition, he was very vulnerable. In each interview, he mentioned that he did not know whether to express. And that even as a child, every time he went out and saw people look at him, he did not know what they thought of him, so he became very studious. It’s the same thing with this industry. What becomes bad and unjust, is that in his last posts, he begged her literally people from watching his movies, ” she said.

I felt that I was in the same place for Manikarnika; it was either do or die. Why is it with us? Why are we pushed to a point where it becomes a situation of do or die for us? I feel after giving a super hit, a huge hit as Chhichhore, it is well to give a few movies that don’t work as much. If Salman Khan can bounce back after Tere Naam by Wanted. Or after that Sanjay Dutt has gone in addiction and many other things, it has rebounded in Munna Bhai MBBS. Why is it with us as after we have given Tanu Weds Manu and Queen, with Rangoon, I was told – “finished”. I felt the same pressure and I managed with Manikarnika. But after Chhicchore, he has confided to friends that he did not work. How does it work? I think it is very sad the way people are cornered and, of course, it had benefits with the biggies that are very open, ” adds Kangana.

“Everyone knows how they are grouped together for the jam, everyone has seen it. I am willing to talk about it openly. If the investigations are completed, I will discuss it openly because there is enough evidence in the media. Everyone knows who are those who are helpless against him, ” says Kangana.

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