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It looks like another Star Trek: the next generation star could be headed to Star Trek: Picard.

Prior to his appearance in a panel virtual GalaxyCon Sunday, Gates McFadden spoke with TrekMovie the way the character of Beverly Crusher has changed over the course of TNG, and not for the better.

The character [had] become a matron, and it was just weird. I was no longer really the romantic interest for Picard, and it was one of the main things – I was hired by Gene [Roddenberry] himself as the romantic interest for Picard. This has changed. And this has not been changed by me.

She was called to appear on Star Trek: Picard season two?

Well, I don’t know. There’s a good chance, let’s put it this way. But I don’t have a signed contract.

And this relationship could come back?

I think that Patrick has decided at some point that he would open it to other relationships in our show, and in films, certainly. So I can’t imagine that it will suddenly be different, but this does not mean that there is no relationship there. Of course, all of our scenes, there is a relationship and it is great. So who knows? I have no idea, but it would be nice.

Gates McFadden and Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Nemesis

When asked if she had thought about what Dr. Crusher could do after 20 years Nemesis, McFadden didn’t want to be too specific.

I have it but it doesn’t mean anything, because that will be what the writers have … I hate to ever say anything because I think this kind of stuff jinxes in any way. But I think it would certainly be someone who was very engaged in the world and tried to make it a better place. I wouldn’t see not as someone who takes his retirement. And, you know, it obviously has raised a child while she was an officer in command the entire time, so I think the sky is the limit in terms of what his life could be. This is how I feel my life now. I am endlessly fascinated by a million things that I would like to study more and do more and get it, I find that the world is infinitely fabulous with which to engage, so who knows?

If McFadden appears in the second season Star Trek: Picardit will not be the only former TNG to do. LeVar Burton has stated that he was in talks with the producers of the series, and Marina Sirtis has recently told TrekMovie that it hoped to return after his appearance in the first season, with Jonathan Frakes. Frakes also hopes to return, maybe as captain Riker. And Patrick Stewart and executive producer Akiva Goldsman have strongly suggested that Brent Spiner will come back as Dr. Alton Soong. But the only actor invited confirmed TNG in season two Star Trek: Picard up here is Whoopi Goldberg, resuming her role of Guinan.

Look for more of our exclusive interview with Gates McFadden later this week.

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