Ex-OHL nightmare details player early career in league in social media post


Content of the Article

Eric invited plans to make many more videos on his Ontario Hockey League experiences.

Everyone involved in better quality play to listen to their claims or risk another child going through the nightmare they describe.

This week, Guest posted a 15-minute Instagram video claiming when he was 16, rookie of the 2016-2017 season, a former Kitchener Ranger, his teammate forced to go upstairs in a bathroom and demanded of him and another young player, use illegal drugs.

“He locks the door and says,‘ You guys are not leaving the bathroom until you do cocaine, ’” the London Nationals before, now 20, says in the video. “When you are young, you listen to what the older guys tell you. You don’t really have a voice. You don’t fight, you can’t. They have power. They rule. They are the future players of the NHL. You do what they tell you. ”

On Tuesday afternoon, the Ontario Hockey League released a statement regarding Guest’s hazing allegations and abuse, calling them a serious league violation of rules that include allegations of criminal conduct.


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