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How to celebrate the summer solstice 2020

Stonehenge always welcomes an influx of hippies, druids and curious tourists wearing garlands who head to mysterious stone circles and wait for the sun to appear.

While crowds of approximately 10,000 people have traditionally the time when the dawn rises with a mixture of cheers and silent meditation in June, English Heritage has been forced to cancel the event this year because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Instead, the sun rises behind the stone of the heel, the former entrance to the stone circle, on Sunday 21 June, will be broadcast live via social media channels, English Heritage.

English Heritage will also be posting the sunset at Stonehenge on Saturday 20 June and is preparing a programme of activities including interviews with experts and historians on the symbolism of the solstice.

Nichola Tasker, head of Stonehenge at English Heritage, said: “We hope that our live broadcast will provide an opportunity alternative to people near and far to connect with this spiritual place in a period if special of the year and we look forward to welcoming everyone next year. . ”

Also, at Penzance, in Cornwall, the festival of Golowan is celebrating the mid-summer each year. This year, the event was to take place from 19 to 28 June, but as the celebration of Stonehenge, it has been cancelled due to the global pandemic.

However, a festival virtual is always held online, with dance, music, quizzes and other activities that will be available via the website of the Golowan and social networks.

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