Everyone is A Clone In The Rise of the Skywalker


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker featuring some familiar faces of Star Wars the story, and while some have been displaced by the machinations of the Force, a surprising number was the result of the arcane to the cloning of the science. The Star Wars sequel trilogy revolved around the conflict between Kylo Ren and Rey as they have tried to follow in the footsteps of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, respectively, against the fate of the New Republic in the process. While their adventures are much more closely related to the original trilogy to the prequels, the clones that he has encountered in The Rise of Skywalker have roots that date back to the time of the Galactic Republic.

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The beginning of cloning techniques have been explored by the Kaminoans, whose sophisticated methodology has allowed the modification of variables such as the provision and the ageing. Their work has been unveiled before the galaxy Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Cloneswhen Kamino began to produce the major part of the Republic of the army ordered by Sifo-Days. Although the use of both the army of clones and the cloning of the practice as a whole decreased after the war of the clones, the technology has not been forgotten, and it eventually found its way into new hands.

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The Star Wars saga not to delve too deeply into the ethics of cloning. The Kaminoans, for their part, have been very pragmatic, to see themselves as craftsmen rather than of philosophers. And the clone troopers were definitely seen in a positive light by all of the citizens of the Republic during the clone wars, even more than their Jedi allies. However, there is, in the logic of the universe, a lot of similarity between this branch of science and the power of life and death, to describe, in the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. As such, it was perhaps inevitable that the cloning technology would be adopted by followers of the dark side, especially in the wake of the trilogy, has revealed in The Rise of Skywalker.


After what was supposed to be his final death at the end of The return of the Jedi, Palpatine is back in The Rise of Skywalker it was unexpected, but its foundations were laid even before the Battle of Endor. As he fell into the depths of the second Death Star, all but defeated, Darth Sidious used his occult powers of the Force to transfer his consciousness far away, to the Sith hideout on Exegol, where efforts have been made to clone his body as a guarantee against such a situation. In spite of his best plans, the imperfection of the methods used by the Sith Eternal worshippers resulted in a clone body that have not been able to withstand the evil of Palpatine’s mind, giving him the sickly, thin appearance seen at the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker.


Star Wars The Last Jedi Supreme Leader Snoke

The truth behind Snoke identity has been widely speculated on after the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Although it is not covered in great detail in the movies, Snoke had in fact been artificially created by Palpatine in order to guide and challenge Kylo Ren. While the version of Snoke seen in the first two films in the sequel trilogy is presumed to be the original, multiple clones of his body can be seen in the Sith laboratory on Exegol, probably meant to preserve his life from the way Palpatine has made his own. This never came to pass, however, that Sidious has estimated that, after Snoke has been killed by Ren, the former was no longer required for this latest development.

Rey’s Dad

Rey Parents in The Rise of the Skywalker

This is the most discreet of the three. Although Rey is called Palpatine’s granddaughter together The Rise of Skywalkerhis father was not in fact the son of the Emperor, but an aberrant clone. As the Sith Forever, were in the process of trying to design a good boat for Sidious to their conscience, they have produced many unsuccessful attempts, one of which has diverged considerably from its precursor to genetics. Devoid of any Force sensitivity, the artificial, the man has grown, against all odds, to be an honest man. Unfortunately, Palpatine only deigned to keep his pseudo-child living in the hope that it could produce a Force-sensitive heir to the Sith throne, that he has made when he and a human woman designed Rey.

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