Events in London: more than 100 arrests after violent clashes with the police


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Legend of the mediaSome of the demonstrators in the centre of London have been seen attacking the police

More than 100 people have been arrested following violent protests in London on Saturday, said the police to the Met.

The police were attacked by protesters, some of whom were activists from the extreme right, after thousands of people gathered claiming that they were protecting the statues.

Prime minister Boris Johnson said: “racist violence has no place in our streets. ”

An investigation is also underway after a man was seen urinating next to a memorial to PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the attack of Westminster in 2017.

Separately on Saturday, a number of peaceful anti-racism protests were held in London and around the country.


The Interior minister Priti Patel said that the “desecration” of a memorial to PC Palmer was ” completely shameful “.

The commander of the police of the Met, the Bottom Javid, added : “We are aware of a picture disgusting and abhorrent that circulates on social media of a man pretending to urinate on a memorial to PC Palmer.

“We immediately launched an investigation and we will gather all the evidence we have, and will take appropriate action. “

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The memorial to PC Keith Palmer was unveiled in front of the Parliament in 2018

Mp Tobias Ellwood, who was prodi’s home in the first year of the PC Palmer while he was dying after having been stabbed in the camp of the Parliament by Khalid Masood in 2017, said that the image of the man urinating next to the memorial was ” horrible “.

He told the BBC: “He was fully aware of what he was doing, he should go ahead and apologize. “

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  • Events in Atlanta on the shooting of the police to Afro-Americans

Scotland Yard said they had arrested people for offences, including the disorder of a violent assault on police, possession of an offensive weapon, breach of the peace, being drunk and disorderly and possession of drugs of class A.

Prime minister Boris Johnson I Tweeted: “Racist violence has no place in our streets. Any person attacking the police will be met with the full force of the law.

“These marches and these protests have been overturned by violence and violate the current guidelines. Racism has no role in the United Kingdom, and we need to work together to make it a reality.

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Police faces demonstrators in Whitehall, near Parliament square

Various groups from around the country, including some militants of the extreme right, reported that they had come to London to protect the statues against the anti-racist activists.

Hundreds of men for the most part whites are gathered around the war memorial the cenotaph in Whitehall and the statue of Winston Churchill on Parliament square, which has been put in a box to protect it from potential damage after protesters wrote “was a racist” on it last weekend.

While major groups, including protesters of the extreme right, crossed London, a number of clashes with the police in riot gear took place.

The officers were bombarded by missiles, in addition to being kicked and punched. Six police officers were slightly injured during the clashes.

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Flares and smoke bombs were launched in Trafalgar Square

A press release from the London Ambulance Service said it had treated 15 patients, including two police officers, for injuries during the protests.

“Six of these patients – all members of the public – have been transported to the hospital. “

On the premises of the place of the Parliament

As early as the mid-morning Saturday, hundreds of men – most of whom were drinking, already headed towards the Parliament square.

Some were members of networks of hooligans of football that had put aside their differences for the day. Others were of the extreme right.

But despite claims that the day was on the defence of the british heritage, it quickly became violent.

The groups have sought opportunities to attack the police. Bottles and cans were thrown at their lines and their horses – smoke bombs and fireworks were thrown. Journalists who approached too close were threatened.

Shirtless man was kicked to the ground by police and others tried repeatedly to storm barriers while police contained the problems.

In the late afternoon, some were left in search of more beer – to find their path blocked by the riot police.

Others tried to regroup in the neighboring streets while the police played cat and mouse – by using their numbers to contain and block on several occasions the attempts of violence around the city.

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Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Parliament Saturday

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that any violence against the police was ” completely unacceptable “, adding, ” no if, no but “.

He tweeted as the events of London were ” led by those who had the intention to cause violence and sow hatred for their own purposes “.

The Met Police Federation has described as “unacceptable “, Tweeting of its agents, ” e’t come to work to face this level of violence and abu “.

Some manifestations of racism were also held Saturday in London and across the Uk.

The organizers of the movement Black Lives Matter had urged the people not to join the rallies planned for the weekend, fearing that there are clashes with far-right groups.

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A protester carries a counter-protester injured in a safe place, near Waterloo railway station

Peaceful demonstrations of protesters-racists in support of the movement Black Lives Matter took place in Hyde Park and Marble Arch.

In Brighton, thousands of people formed a line a mile long along the sea front then they organized a silent demonstration before marching through the city centre.

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Demonstrators participate in a vigil silent on the pier of Brighton

Protests have occurred throughout the world after the death in police custody of the Afro-American George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Liverpool, Chelmsford and Newcastle, where protesters supporting the movement Black Lives Matter have been booed by a large counter-demonstration.


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