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Ms Huhtasaari fury released in the EU Parliament during a brexit debate on Wednesday. The Finnish MEP did not retain in its condemnation of the Brussels bloc and its institutions. The Finnish Party member said: “I want to congratulate Britain they just saved € 80billion.

“Soon one in Britain does not even dare to admit voting against a brexit.”The European Commission’s proposal for a recovery fund is another step towards centralizing the Union’s debt.

“This proposal is illegal under Article 125. The Commission also wishes to own the European Union’s sources of past taxation in the member states.

“In the EU, a large part of its economic problems can be reduced if the euro’s monetary union has been dismantled.

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“According to a study, the Finns, exports would be 40 percent more in their own currency. I want my money back! ”

It is like “the ineffectiveness of the European Union”, were again exposed by an Italian deputy, who embarked on a virulent rant against the Union not to use the stimulus package to resolve the impacts of the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking in the same EU parliament eurosceptic debate, MEP Marco Zanni said: “We have been told this week that there will be a meeting of the European Council, the outcome of which we already know.

“No agreement on the so-called recovery plan and probably a confrontation between the member states.

Interventions as President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen pledged to do all she could to ensure an agreement was met on a brexit.

Speaking to the European Parliament, she said: “We are now halfway through these negotiations with the five months remaining. But we are definitely not halfway through the work of reaching an agreement shortly before us. ”

She added: “We are going to be constructive, as we have always been, and we are ready to be creative in finding common ground with her, even where there seems to be none.

“We have supported the plans approved by the Chief Negotiators to intensify the talks in July and to create the most favorable conditions for the conclusion of a gratifying agreement before the end of 2020. This should include, if possible, finding a beginning to understand the principles underlying an agreement.

“We have emphasized our intention to work hard to deliver a relationship that would be in the interest of citizens of the Union and the United Kingdom.

“We have also confirmed our commitment to fully and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement. “


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