Entrance to main Vancouver SkyTrain station closed for 3 weeks (MAP)


TransLink says the east entrance to the Waterfront Expo Line platform will be closed for about three weeks from this week.The transportation agency says the closure, which begins on June 12, is necessary to ensure customer safety when replacing escalators, which requires the use of heavy machinery.

Since ridership is still low due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TransLink has accelerated the project. He notes that this will minimize the impact on customers while delivering the project earlier than expected. Once completed, the new escalators are expected to be more durable and more reliable for customers using Waterfront Station.

During the construction period, customers will only be able to access the Expo Line platform at Waterfront Station from the west entrance on Howe Street. Therefore, those wishing to transfer between the Expo Line and the Canada Line, SeaBus or West Coast Express should allow additional travel time to walk between the entrance to Howe Street and the mezzanine of Cordova Street .

Photo: TransLink

TransLink also notes that there will be no elevator access to the Expo Line platform at the Waterfront station during construction. For those needing an elevator, it will provide a shuttle service between Waterfront and Burrard stations. The shuttle will run every 15 minutes between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. weekdays and between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. weekends.

Customers can board the shuttle at the following three stops:

  • East parking lot at the SeaBus waterfront terminal
  • On Cordova Street opposite the main entrance to the Waterfront station at stop # 58202
  • On Burrard Street to Bay 1 bus across from Burrard Station

This essential investment is part of TransLink’s initiative to keep escalators safe and reliable through the maintenance and repair program. The escalators at Waterfront Station were installed over 30 years ago and have seen the number of users quadruple. The new escalators are designed to support higher passenger volumes and will have less downtime for maintenance.

For customers requiring elevator access, TransLink provides specific advice for each scenario.

Customers traveling from SeaBus at Expo Line should:

  • Exit SeaBus via the east exit of the terminal and take the shuttle from the East parking lot of the Waterfront SeaBus terminal to Burrard station.
Photo: TransLink

Customers traveling from West coast express at Expo Line should:

  • Exit Waterfront Station by the main entrance to Cordova Street and take the shuttle from stop # 58202 on Cordova Street to Burrard Station.

Customers traveling from Canada Line at Expo Line should:

  • Disembark in downtown Vancouver and transfer to Granville train station.

Customers traveling from Expo Line to West Coast Express or SeaBus should:

  • Get off at Burrard station and take the shuttle to Bay 1 across from Burrard station to Waterfront station.
    • Customers transferred to West Coast Express should disembark from the shuttle at the main entrance to Cordova.
    • Customers transferring to SeaBus must disembark from the shuttle at the east parking lot of the SeaBus terminal.

Customers traveling from Expo Line at Canada Line should:

  • Disembark at Granville Station and transfer to downtown Vancouver.

Customers traveling from Expo Line to access the Waterfront station should:

  • Get off at Burrard station and take the bay 1 shuttle across from Burrard station at Waterfront station at the main entrance to Cordova.

All customers can also take bus line 50 (South False Creek / Waterfront Station) for transportation between Waterfront Station and Granville Station.


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