End of coronavirus lock view, with the pubs open, the family, the holidays and all the kids go back to school as a rule of 2m to be cut


THE end of locking is that the Government scientists on OK to two metres of the rule of cup – meaning pubs could soon open up and the families would be able to stay with the parents.

Britain has suffered 13 weeks of restrictions and social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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The british could see pubs re-open for July, if the Government slashes the two metre ruleCredit: Splash News
And all the children of school age are set to be back in the classroom in SeptemberCredit: PA:Press Association

And now, as rules are gradually relaxed, there is more light at the end of the tunnel.

The prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is now preparing to signal the end of the most severe restrictions.

In the next fifteen days announcements are expected to allow hotels and restaurants to reopen in the next month.

The british desperately missing catching up with friends at the pub could soon be back at the bar, or of the order through an application to keep safe.

The schools are set to give a new orientation that would allow the children to return to the classroom in numbers up to 30 from September.

And the families who have been carefully kept apart since the lockout was announced may soon have overnight stays with their loved ones.

For the moment, overnight stays are not allowed, and even being inside of another household that you are not bubbled up with is not allowed.

It comes as:


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And as the summer holiday months approach, ministers are also said to be fine-tuning the negotiations for the establishment of “air bridges” with ten countries, to allow the British to go abroad without facing severe quarantine restrictions.

The airports are now open again, signalling the return of non-essential travel to the London City Airport reopened Sunday after being closed for commercial flights for nearly three months.

More than two million vulnerable people have received the order of shield and stay inside to protect against the bug killer, but they will soon be allowed to go shopping and enjoy leisure activities.

Britain’s high streets were unveiled last week, and the people looked forward to the floods in the shops – as the Pm’s work to get the economy back up and running once more.

Scientists have said they are “totally comfortable with” the two meters social distance, of the rule of reduction – but only if people are sitting side by side and the wear face coverings as much as possible.

The united KINGDOM coronavirus death toll has hit 42,461 yesterday – with a 12-year-old child among the victims.


It is the united KINGDOM coronavirus alert level was lowered from four to three.

Health secretary Matt Hancock described the move as “a strong moment for the country” and praised the British ” determination to beat the disease.

Yesterday, the PM has told the nation to “follow” on the decision he said that the country was in the next phase of the Covid battle.

He also urged the British to try to conquer their fear of Covid-19.

He added: “We need to begin to think a world in which we are less worried about the disease.

“Yes, it has been a terrible shock for the country and for the world, and I think that the British people have worked incredibly hard to lead it towards the bottom.

“But we’re starting to make real progress with test and trace, the treatments for the disease.

“I hope that we are heading towards the autumn, people will be much, much more confident.”

Mr Johnson said: “the grand national lock” was ” the only thing you could do. ”

But he added: “I think we are now entering a different phase, as we head into the fall and winter. ”

New guidelines developed by the Government and representatives of the hospitality industry will be revealed on July 4 that Britain gets back to ” the new normal “.

The action plan for the revival of the industry inform you that the British order of alcohol on the applications, rather than in the bars, before they take their pints back to the spaced-out tables.

Downing Street has said without more details for the 4th of July package ads have been finalized yet.

Familie separated by the restrictions could be allowed to spend the night at a relative's house if certain rules are relaxed4
Familie separated by the restrictions could be allowed to spend the night at a relative’s house if certain rules are relaxedCredit: Alamy
Brits could travel abroad with ease if the


Brits could travel abroad with ease if the “air bridges” are set up with about a dozen other countriesCredit: Reuters

Coronavirus R rate in England falls below 1 – and it is low in the South-West


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