Emmanuel Macron: how the reputation of the president collapsed during the “Watergate in France” | World | New


The scandal has implicated the security guard of the French president at the time, which was captured on video beating a protester and abuse them violently, another woman, was reported by CNBC in June 2018. The custody of Mr. Macron – Alexander Benalla – was seen wearing a visor and a helmet police, but was supposed only to observe the police in action. Mr. Macron has been criticized for its treatment of the issue, remaining largely silent and not sending in the guard only after they have been identified by the newspaper The World. He then fanned the flames of the scandal by saying to the ministers at a meeting that his rival “might come looking for me if they dared”.

Thomas Guenole, a political analyst, told CNBC that Mr Macron was ” like a child-king, and not as a statesman “.Mr. Guenole added that the image cultivated by Mr. Macron to a courageous leader and strong had been damaged by his refusal to confront publicly the press or politicians rivals. The analyst said that the scandal could prove to be very expensive.

He said: “This” BenallaGate “is a Watergate French. Because, just as in the United States, the problem is not the crime but the cover-up. The French people saw the lieutenants and ministers of Macron lie several times. ”

The pressure is also rising on Mr. Macron due to the movement of yellow Vests in Paris, which still continues in 2018.

The movement has seen protesters attack the taxes on the fuel at the start, but this anger has extended to other problems.

Lower middle classes in France were opposed to Mr. Macron because they saw him as a “president of the rich” and saw it as disconnected.

In an interview in October of last year, the French president reportedly said: “It is a massive collective failure for which I share responsibility. But I have three years to change that. ”

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Last year, Mr. Macron has tried to calm the storm with a huge tax reduction of 4.5 billion pounds sterling for the salaried middle-income low-in France, under the pressure of the yellow Vests.

Mr. Macron stated that he recognized the “just claims” and “anger and impatience for change” of the protesters and their feeling of not being taken into account by the ” elites “, including the presidency, but public order must now be restored.

He added that although he respected the demonstrators who had gathered at the beginning of the movement in November, it was “gradually changed” and had been marred by episodes of violence, anti-semitism, homophobia, and riots.


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