Elon Musk suggests Tesla Cybertruck is amphibious – is he kidding?


Elon Musk suggests that Tesla Cybertruck is practically amphibious and it is not clear if he is really kidding?Musk sometimes comments on future Tesla products and features that may be difficult to judge.

For example, it was hard to say he was kidding when he said that the next Tesla Roadster would be equipped with a cold air propellant, but it is apparently happening.

Musk also made people confused when he said that Tesla would publish a “fart app” and that Boring would sell a flame thrower, but those two things happened.

Now the Tesla CEO has people confused about a comment he made about this rendering of a Cybertruck used as a boat by 3D artist Slav Popovski:

For a replay of the rendering on Twitter, Musk commented, “I think we could make it work. ”

While the video doesn’t seem like something the Cybertruck would do, it’s not overly drawn by Musk’s previous comments.

A few years ago, the CEO said that the Model S could almost be used as a boat after seeing a Tesla Model S drive (or swim) in a flooded tunnel – although the CEO made it clear that he was not not recommended.

He said:

“We certainly don’t recommend it, but the Model S floats well enough to make it a boat for short periods. Pushed by rotation of the wheels. ”

With the battery sealed and waterproof at the bottom, the vehicle can indeed float for a few moments, but not quite as in the Cybertruck video.

Musk has also been fascinated by amphibious vehicles for a while.

A few years ago, the CEO bought the amphibious Lotus Esprit model used in the 1977 James Bond film ” The Spy Who Loved Me“.

Later, he said that Tesla would transform the model into a true amphibious electric vehicle, thought of some time ago and which has not yet taken place. Unless Musk did it in secret and uses it to access his nasty underwater lair.

Do you think Elon Musk is kidding that the Cybertruck can “turn into a boat”? Let us know in the comment section below.

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