Elon Musk Delays Tesla Battery Day Again


Elon Musk has announced that Tesla Day Battery “is delayed again after July 4 and it can be combined with Tesla’s annual savings meeting.

Tesla Day Battery

Last year, Musk said that Cybertruck Tesla’s latest product will unveil for “a while”, but it has teased an upcoming tech ad.

These announcements were expected as Tesla was called “Powertrain and Battery Investor Day.”

Much like the “Autonomy Day” that happened last year, Tesla said it plans to give presentations to investors, who are livestreamed, about the illustration of the latest powertrain development and battery technology.

Musk later referred to the event as the “Tesla April company talk” and said it would be held at the New York Gigafactory, where Tesla plans to offer media and investor tours of the plant. .

Last month, Musk’s update to Tesla’s upcoming event added that it would focus only on batteries, not on the powertrain.

During Tesla Q1 2020 results, the CEO further annoys the event:

“Yes. In fact, we don’t want to anticipate the Battery of the Day. We want to leave the exciting news only for the day, but there will be a lot of interesting news to tell. And I think it would be one of Tesla’s most exciting days in history, and we’re just trying to find the right time for it. “

At this point, Musk said it was going to happen “the third week of May” and he would probably be in California or Texas.

As we have already reported, Electrek Tesla will present the results of its internal secret beep beep project at the event battery level.

Tesla’s goal is to produce its own battery cells using technologies developed by Tesla internal teams, including the work of its Canadian research laboratory led by Jeff Dahn, and new technology recently acquired by through the acquisition of Maxwell, on a large scale and at a cost of less than $ 100 per kWh.

A plan for mass production of cells at multiple locations is also planned to be a part of the announcement.

Last month, Musk delayed the event once again saying that the plan now is to have a “broadcast next month, and a person for the event, a few months later.”

What’s New with Tesla Day Battery?

Elon Musk announced on Twitter today that Tesla’s annual savings meeting will be delayed due to restrictions on holding events:

“We are going to have to postpone the general meeting of shareholders, as there are not yet large meetings authorized by July 7. Not sure when, but I guess maybe a month or two later. ”

Then the CEO commented on the Day Battery saying they could combine with the assembly.

“Probably good to combine them, since they are converging in time.”

He also confirmed that it will not occur this month as planned and that the date will “probably” be announced after July 4 week:

“I am hopeful that we can announce a date after July 4th week.”

It would likely put the battery’s new date on the day and the investor meeting in August.

Musk also mentioned that he is leaning toward holding the event in Fremont

Take Electrek

While this is a problem that it is delayed yet again, the longer it takes the better it will be because the others along Tesla will be in the project.

The fact that Elon is now leaning towards Fremont is also interesting, as this is where Tesla has a production line battery cell.

Also, now that it’s going to be deeper in the summer, I think it also coincides with the launch of the new Model S with Plaid mode.

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